• Dunni Obata

Webinar for Solo Travellers

DISCLAIMER - I am deliberately putting this at the beginning, so that everyone is clear. May I kindly and gently add, that this webinar is NOT for everyone. Like with everything in life, one can't please everybody, so if this webinar is not for you, or you feel like you have, or want to share your strong opinions or disagreement about the cost, kindly keep it to yourself as I am not forcing anyone nor scamming anyone. It is a decision people would take voluntarily to attend, or to not attend. No one goes into Herme's store and insults them about their prices, so please be respectful. If you don't consider this webinar to be of value, please kindly go away quietly, be respectful of me and my blog (as you would want others to be respectful of you), without discouraging others. Again, it's not for everyone but my target market. Many will consider this added value, and it is added value. If you don't, that's completely fine as well. Think of it this way. After you get all the knowledge you need, the airlines will get paid, the hotels will get paid, the tour operators will get paid, you will save a lot of money and Dunni that did all the work and used all her experience of travelling to get you to this amazing holiday, should give you all this information for free. Insert smiley face.

Who said you need to go with someone to have a great time. I have disproved that myth and with this webinar, we are going to break all the tables. There's this huge myth about solo travelling, especially as a female, and with this webinar i will tell you everything you need to know, to encourage you to pick up the passport by yourself and just go. You don't need anyone to go with you to enjoy yourself on holiday. I repeat, you CAN do this by yourself, and this year, you WILL. 95% of my holidays have been solo trips, because as you would have guessed by now, my interests aren't the typical, so I found that going on my own was the way to go. My first solo trip was in Rome, flying over from a girls trip in Paris. While that was great, i loved the freedom of being able to explore on my own, without feeling like i was dragging my group to do what i wanted and vice versa.

Hey, after finally getting to Sacre Coeur, it's a little outside of the usual Paris tourist jaunts, so it isn't as easy to get to. My friends decided sorry they aren't going up with you Dunni, we didn't know it was going to be this far. That was my first foray into solo travel. I walked more than 388 steps up the Sacre Coeur in Paris, ON MY OWN - its' the best view you will ever see in your life!!! But guess what, even though I went by myself, while i was huffing and puffing I had such good chit chat, with other people huffing and puffing along with me to the top, i laughed so hard with one, tears came out of my eyes. I may not remember much about the trip with my group, but that walk up the steps i remember vividly like it was yesterday. That, IS one of the benefits of Solo Travel.

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When i got to the top, i almost cried. It would take your breath away, I promise. After i got to Rome and started putting pictures up on Facebook, guess who told me they wish they came along too. Yes, my friends. Don't let anyone dissuade you from having the best time of your life. Solo trip ROCKS!!! So if you don't want to feel like you are the odd one out, or you are tired of waiting for your friends to decide to go with you, or you have been forcing yourself to go on trips with your friends and/or family, that you are not really interested in, but find yourself going, because you don't want to be alone. This is the webinar for you, to give you the knowledge and the confidence to go Solo.

I will break everything down for you cost wise, and tell you where you'll have to pay more, but where you will also benefit. It's a pros and cons with solo travel, yes. I won't lie to you that it's all pros, but i will discuss how you can make the cons so irrelevant, you have had so much fun, they don't matter. Yes, it may look like the hotels are punishing you for being alone, but you can get a better experience somewhere else, by being a solo traveller that groups won't get.

I will give you all my years of experience travelling solo, safety hints and tips, what i have experienced and what i have witnessed. People, i have watched enough tv shows like Banged up Abroad, and other documentaries about people who have gotten into trouble on holidays, even those in groups, to be able to summarise for you what you should and shouldn't do. Solo travel can provide you with some of the best travel experiences of your life, and this year, being by yourself will no longer be your excuse not to travel. I have been to Italy by myself, and faced no harassment as an African woman, despite the notoriety, Italy is one of my favourite travel destinations, so much so that, I have been seven times. I have been to muslim countries by myself as well, and I was fine. So, come and learn from this master solo traveller, and you will be convinced you can do this.

In this webinar, i would teach you what kind of tour packages you can book, and what you shouldn't book. This webinar is a more of an all encompassing webinar, unlike the other two as i will be breaking down the processes involved with things like costs, when the book, what to book first, questions to ask ahead of your trip, hotel deals, timing of flights, getting around by yourself, safety considerations, meeting people, how to notice if a person or a situation, may be potentially dangerous for you etc. I will also be spending more time with question and answers, because the solo traveller in you would have a lot to ask, and as this is my domain, i have a lot to talk to you about to allay your fears, or any concerns that you have. This class size would very likely be less in number, hence the higher cost but I assure you, it will be worth every penny.

It has taken me the better part of the whole day putting this website together, writing all the posts, I have been up since 6am and at the time of finishing editing this, it's 11pm. I just realised, I haven't even eaten anything today. The materials involved for the webinar will take me dayyyyyss to put together, as you know me, I am very very detailed. I'm going to be crawling through a decade worth of information, So, I hope you can appreciate why this knowledge can't be given out for free or for cheap. Thank you once again for your time, and I will be looking forward to having you at The Dooney's Lifestyle Webinar that WILL change your life. Travel has given me some of the most enriching experiences of my life, and I want you to experience the difference, travel will make to your life and for much less to boot.