• Dunni Obata

Now, you've booked your ticket, what's next

DISCLAIMER - I am deliberately putting this at the beginning, so that everyone is clear. May I kindly and gently add, that this webinar is NOT for everyone. Like with everything in life, one can't please everybody, so if this webinar is not for you, or you feel like you have, or want to share your strong opinions or disagreement about the cost, kindly keep it to yourself as I am not forcing anyone nor scamming anyone. It is a decision people would take voluntarily to attend, or to not attend. No one goes into Herme's store and insults them about their prices, so please be respectful. If you don't consider this webinar to be of value, please kindly go away quietly, be respectful of me and my blog (as you would want others to be respectful of you), without discouraging others. Again, it's not for everyone but my target market. Many will consider this added value, and it is added value. If you don't, that's completely fine as well. Think of it this way. After you get all the knowledge you need, the airlines will get paid, the hotels will get paid, the tour operators will get paid, you will save a lot of money and Dunni that did all the work and used all her experience of travelling to get you to this amazing holiday, should give you all this information for free. Insert smiley face.

Now, that's out of the way. I hope you understand why i had to put that disclaimer up. Yes, this beautiful suite with its own pool and Ocean views cost in total, £646 per person for 5 nights!!!!!! Someone wrote to me and said I'm sure it was £2500 per night, if not more. I almost choked. I don't earn that kind of money yet, and even if I did, I won't spend it like that, well maybe after i become an Arab Princess. Hehehehehe. Is your interest piqued yet, read on and my Webinar will break the tables. If i didn't want an Ocean view, with still a private pool, it would have been about £500 per person. There are also rooms i saw for under £100 a night, yes at the same resort, i just wanted the experience of having a private pool. What i think in hindsight, we will discuss at the webinar. Interested yet, keep reading.

Welcome. You are probably reading this coming from my How to be your own travel agent Post. Welcome again. So, now you have read how you can learn in my webinar how to book your cheap ticket and you are buzzed, what's next? The next big expenditure is your hotel aaaaaaaaaand, that can even be cheap for you as well, but you see there are tricks to booking your hotel that i will teach you in this webinar, and that have also come from my experiences as well. For every trip i take, i do an edit in my head and ask myself, could i have done this differently, and saved money. Almost every time the answer has been yes, and i use that yes for the next trip to save even more money, and that cycle continues and continues so much so, that one of the hotels in my next trip is costing less than half of an expensive pair of shoes, and one of my flights in my next trip, is costing me £15. I hope you you didn't choke if you are reading this. hahahahahahaha.

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I learnt a big lesson from this last trip that i can't wait to share with you guys, because this lesson has reduced my hotel bill for my next trip by 60%. This last trip was my guinea pig and even though i spent less than you think, i'm delighted to tell you that i have booked my next epic adventure for less, without compromising on the quality of hotel. You see all those ratings sometimes. Hmmmmmn, let me not talk too much. The webinar will tell you my opinion, and why you don't need to spend so much money, depending on what the holiday is achieving. Even if you are not the one spending the money, help the person spending it save the money. hahahahahaha

In this webinar i will teach you about when to book, because sometimes its can be beneficial to book your hotel before your flight. Did you just gasp. Yes you can. Slow down, don't panic. In the webinar, i will tell you why. It has taken me the better part of the whole day putting this website together, writing all the posts, I have been up since 6am and at the time of finishing editing this, it's 10.40pm. I just realised, I haven't even eaten anything today. The materials involved for the webinar will take me dayyyyyss to put together as you know me, I am very very detailed. I'm going to be crawling through a decade worth of information, So, I hope you can appreciate why this knowledge can't be given out for free, or for cheap, reducing the value add.

Tour Activities - in this webinar, we will discuss how you can pack mad fun into just a few days. I only spent 4 days in Dubai, and i have lost count of the people who left comments, sent me DM's to say they have been to dubai multiple times, or spent longer than I did and didn't do all this. Dunni, how did you do it? I moved to Singapore and Thailand and by Day 7, I had done more than most people do in three weeks and this included travel too by the way. If you are the sit down in the hotel and do nothing kind of person, you are guilty of what i call "expensive sleep" because if you are just going to lay around, then you shouldn't have gotten on a plane. People are different as they say, if this is what you like, sure, but if you are looking to do more this year, and go even further. This webinar is for you.

I have met pensioners who have done so much on holidays, so please get out there and immerse yourself in the culture, the food, the sights, the activities, heck i came back 4kg lighter in 18 days, despite all i consumed. I will show you how to plan your activities day by day, such that before you even pack your suitcase, you've planned your itinerary with military precision, and you will have the kind of fun i had on my trip and even more. You will see soooooo much of wherever it is you are going, and packing experiences and memories along the way.

I couldn't do this as a combination webinar, as it is separate webinar on its own, or it would take too long and bore people the heck off, to discuss it with something else.

Here's another thing. The travel agent has activities already booked with your trip, what if that doesn't really interest you? With this Webinar, I will discuss interests and how to match them to your activities, so YOU get to do EXACTLY what YOU WANT, and not what an agent has told you comes with your package.

I will use Dubai as a very good example. Someone said to me Dunni, you have sold Dubai even better than the celebrities, that have gone on sponsored trips, before and even that of so many other Nigerians. Not every time dune this, desert that. It seems everyone that goes to Dubai must do the sand dune whatever, or so many of the same of the same things, their holiday posts doesn't really interest you, because you've either seen it before, or done it before, nothing new or special. She continued and wrote, I actually thought you were going to be one of those cliche Dubai holidays, and what got me hooked to all your trips was how you did things differently and showed that you really really explored the places you went to.

I think she just summarised why my holiday really took off with you guys. Guess what, I went to Dubai with that exact mindset that i wasn't going to do the cliche holiday. I remember saying on Instagram, that anyone who knows my travel history would be surprised to see Dubai on the list, as glitzy modern cities are usually not my style, i'm more into places filled with history, culture, archaeological sites, that kind of thing, so i was determined that I was going to do Dubai differently and i guess it worked as I was able to captivate my you my followers, some were saying they should make me Tourist Ambassador. Hahahaha. With this webinar, I'll teach you how to make your holiday be just as fun.

Personally, i didn't even look at the desert safari twice, because honestly sand does nothing for me. It's miles of sand and then, izzzzz that all. You know that i could show you a real proper desert safari, that is way more fun that the ones you see everyone do in Dubai. I'm doing that in another country. I don't do aso ebi holidays, and I'm going to show you how to get those unique travel experiences, that even people who have been to those destinations will envy your holiday, because you will be doing things they never did. The same Dubai that Nigerians flock to, in my four days, with all the activities i did, i had people who had been to Dubai multiple times asking me which travel agent I used. How many people who have been to Dubai can say they were inside the Burj al Arab for lunch? Attend my Webinar, i'll show you how to book many trips and experiences of a life time.

If i had bought a travel package and the sand dune one thing one thing, came with it, i would have had no choice but to go and i won't be happy about it. So, if you have had this experience in the past, after this webinar, you'll book your tours yourself and do things you REALLY WANT TO DO. You see everything i did, with so many people asking me which travel agent i used. I did it myself. I have a wealth of travel experience and i have not for once used a travel agent. Out of being so busy in November, i wanted to use a travel agent for my january trip and my friend Ngozi said your money has come o. I called a travel agent and the bill they gave me to go to only ONE location, the Maldives was over £3000. I almost fainted. I was like haaaaaa. The guy so snobbishly said oh, that won't even get you into a five star hotel, you should be looking at spending like £5000, i was like mo gbe. I won't mention the name of the travel agency but that phone call gingered me to put my travel experience hat on, and book my holiday myself. Two days later, i was done and dusted, all my hotels were five star, except Phi Phi island, and i was grateful i didn't book a five star hotel in that location. I will tell you why in this webinar. I wanted to send the guy my itinerary with a tongue out emoji, because he would have deserved it. Mschew times 100.

This webinar is going to be very interactive, because i'll be taking real live examples from you guys the attendees, and showing you on my screen, what you can do with what locations, and which hotels you can stay, and why i will advise you to try this hotel or this activity and not the other. Locations with your choice of hotels and activities really matter. Like i said above, i didn't book a five star hotel on Phi Phi island and there was a reason for it. I will tell you that reason in this webinar, because by not doing so, i saved over £1000. Yes you read that correctly, over £1000. See why you need to attend my webinar? See why the fee you are paying is really worth it.

These two topics go hand in hand, that's why I can't combine it with something else to be able to get the best practical knowledge out to you the attendee. In this webinar, you are going to be getting a glimpse of my next epic holiday. Believe me it's EPIC and it's also as you expect of course, not the usual 9ja kind of holiday. In this webinar, you'll also get the chance to discuss group holidays, as there's a whole lotta cost savings there as well, and my next epic holiday would be a test run with people travelling with me because going forward, this blog will be providing group travel packages.

So, yes apart from personalised travel consultation, I am looking to providing group packages in the future as i have realised that my holiday has piqued unusual travel experiences in Nigerians and I want as many people as possible to have those experiences, that is why you would not hear me diss travel agents, as that would make me hypocritical, but I assure you, with my packages, I will be giving you an even more bespoke, and well rounded travel experience, the like you haven't seen before. My last holiday was proof, trust me, there's more, so much more where that came from