• Dunni Obata

Be Your Own Travel Agent Webinar

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

DISCLAIMER - I am deliberately putting this at the beginning, so that everyone is clear. May I kindly and gently add, that this webinar is NOT for everyone. Like with everything in life, one can't please everybody, so if this webinar is not for you, or you feel like you have, or want to share your strong opinions or disagreement about the cost, kindly keep it to yourself as I am not forcing anyone nor scamming anyone. It is a decision people would take voluntarily to attend, or to not attend. No one goes into Herme's store and insults them about their prices, so please be respectful. If you don't consider this webinar to be of value, please kindly go away quietly, be respectful of me and my blog (as you would want others to be respectful of you), without discouraging others. Again, it's not for everyone but my target market. Many will consider this added value, and it is added value. If you don't, that's completely fine as well. Think of it this way. After you get all the knowledge you need, the airlines will get paid, the hotels will get paid, the tour operators will get paid, you will save a lot of money and Dunni that did all the work and used all her experience of travelling to get you to this amazing holiday, should give you all this information for free. Insert smiley face.

So, now I have cleared that up, let's get down to it. Why did I go through this route? This is 2019, where the biggest currency is Information. What you are going to learn on this webinar, is knowledge that has taken me almost ten years to gather. It is information that has taken me to close to 30 destinations and counting, without breaking the bank. This is the webinar where you would go away to create your own travel diary, filled with so many adventures and memories to last you a lifetime, without bankrupting yourself to compete with the Joneses. Whatever you thought my holiday cost, halve that figure in your head. Have you done so? Halve it again, and you'll probably get close to what i spent. I stayed in 5 star hotels mostly and a Luxury resort with my own private pool. No, it didn't cost what you are thinking. Trust me.

I have lost count of the number of people who asked me which travel agent i used, which package i bought and i said none, it was just me and the response was, whaaaaaat. I said yesssss, just me but i didn't just stumble on how to do it overnight. I have been gathering the know how for yeeeeeeears!!! After this webinar, your friends and family will ask you this same question, when they see you touring the world and wondering how you did it. I'm going to teach you how to become your own travel agent.

You may be reading this and thinking, but Dunni got this information from Google. LOL!!! Sure, if you convert my knowledge into google search hours, you will spending years in front of a computer, rather than out in the world enjoying that fabulous holiday. It has taken me almost ten years to get here, I can beat your google search. No "priding". hahahahahaha

I am going to be saving you a lot of money, so giving you that information for free is a huge disservice to me. It's experience gathered close to ten years of travelling, and planning trips for myself, friends and family. The majority if not all of you reading this, have incomes of your own, which you have gotten from experience. Imagine someone telling you to sit down, take your time and spend days on end at a computer writing everything down, step by step for free. It has taken me the better part of the whole day putting this website together, writing all the posts and the materials involved for the webinar will take me dayyyyyss to put together as you know me, I am very very detailed. I'm going to be crawling through a decade worth of information, So, I hope you can appreciate why this knowledge can't be given out for free or for cheap. Travel has given me some of the most enriching experiences of my life, and I want you to experience the difference, travel will make to your life. Oh and by the way, I now travel to Lagos on a direct flight and my baggage allowance is four bags. Yes you read that correctly. FOUR BAGS, not it's not first class. hahahahaha. Now, I won't tell you how i did that for free. It actually cost me money to get that information out. hehehehehehehe.

Exhibit one - Travelling the day after new year's is considered super peak period. The hordes of people I met at Heathrow Security, which i shared on Instagram, proved that. My flight was full that was why it closed early. If you remember from my story, i mentioned that bag drop had closed, they had to get authorisation to take me bags, that's how full the flight was. Landing in Dubai as well, another hordes of people. This scenario repeated itself in Singapore and in Thailand. So, yes people, I travelled in peak period, yet what I paid for my ticket would make you gasp in disbelief. I have paid more going to only Lagos.

This webinar is also going to teach you, how to choose your destinations wisely, to guarantee you get cheap tickets, so you can go to even more places without breaking the bank. London - Dubai - Singapore - Thailand, back to London, believe it or not wasn't my first choice. The other locations were going to be more expensive and in the Webinar, I will tell you why, so you don't go make mistakes that will cost you money and discourage you from travelling. With my knowledge and experience of the flight destination market. This knowledge, you can't even get from Google. May be you can, but it sure as heck is going to take you a lot of time, and you'll probably goof it on the first ten tries. Knowing what I know, I circled back and moved destinations around and BOOM!! Here came the unbelievably priced ticket. Did my holiday look like something i settled for, no. I had even more fun than what my first choice would have been. Google didn't "teach me" this. Experience did, and that's the experience I'm going to download for you.

Exhibit Two - Tricia of Tricia Biz runs a business like i do, and immediately the idea started ruminating in my head i contacted her, and from the get go i offered to pay for her consultation, because as a business woman, i know how valuable my time is and I can't expect someone to give me information that will either save me money, or earn me money for free. I can't speak for her, but i am willing to bet, that's what endeared me to her, because like me, she's probably inundated with requests of people wanting to tap into her knowledge for free. She kindly gave me a lot of advice and we bounced ideas off each other. I couldn't just leave her high and dry, I am a firm believer in give and take, so after i showed her evidence of my ticket, she said WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!! You would too, believe me. She was like, no way Dunni and i said, yes way. Let's give it a try. Where do you want to go to, and what's your budget. She responded by saying, Dunni I don't even know again, because when she saw my holiday posts, she initially tried to book a trip and she ran because of the prices. I told her, I'm willing to bet i can get you to find a cheaper ticket and hotel.

I know that for some of you, where do you want to go, and how much do you want to spend, will also be a hard question, as you have so many places you want to go and the prices have discouraged you in the past. I mean look at this screenshot below. I can imagine you would have seen that before. Almost 2 million naira. I had to ask. To Australia abi where. hehehehehehe.

In this webinar, i am going to teach you HOW to decide where to go, HOW to ensure that you maximise that two week holiday you have, or even one week, and HOW to book your ticket, so you can go further for less.

So, back to my test case with Tricia. I was consulting for her as my way of paying her back for all the advice she gave. When we settled on destinations, and dates, i told her what to do, and she came back after a few hours screaming. She said no way Dunni, i can't believe this. I have paid even more to go to Gambia. Gambia in Africa ooooooooo, and here I am visiting three countries outside of Africa and paying this low. You know the best part, she got a trip in JUNE. The exact month she wanted to travel, and which was unaffordable at first. Many of you have faced this exact scenario before and given up. This is the year you take that trip. To protect her privacy, as this is a surprise trip, i will not share the exact locations, as the recipient of the trip may or may not be reading this. Let's just say, like me, she is travelling to three countries outside of Africa, five destinations getting on SIX flights and is spending £682 with fees, it became £690. Screenshots below. Yes you read that correctly. N318,000!!!!! She is going on one more flight, making 6 and only spending about £12 - £14 more, so we've rounded it up to £700. Yes you read that correctly. Don't choke o.

Here you go, look below:

Flight taking off and landing in Lagos, all direct flights for £690 in JUNE!!! Caps used intentionally. She said Dunni, i have paid N230,000 going to Gambia alone. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. I too was flabbergasted because, I had never tried this before from Lagos, so to find out that it worked, was the final validation that I needed to make this a webinar. You know what she did, she told a few people that Dunni just helped her get this amazing ticket, and they all said izzzzalie, hooooooow, and she kindly said, i won't tell you this for free. Attend Dunni's Webinar, when it's live.

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Now, this Webinar isn't going to do the work for you, because armed with the information i will give you, you are still going to have to book the tickets yourself, but this time you won't be searching blind or be discouraged by the prices like she was at first. You won't just be searching like someone wading through a forest. This would be a deliberate search, because you know what you are looking for and where to find it.

I booked my ticket November 22 to travel January 2nd. Not that much time eh. Yet i flew from London to Dubai, Dubai to Singapore, Singapore to Phuket, Phuket to Dubai (i could have stayed back in dubai for a few more days at the same price by the way. wink wink), Dubai to London for, wait for it. Wait for it. Including airport transfers and pick up......... £772. Yes you read that correctly. FIVE FLIGHTS IN TOTAL for £772 taking off in peak period. January 2nd. I can envision the jaws dropping as you read this. hahahahahahahaha. You have probably paid that, or close to that or even more to go to just Lagos or Abuja.

Without revealing too much, there's also an art to not spending half your holiday in a plane. I will teach you how to stretch the days in your holiday for longer and this also contributes to why your ticket is less. Oh, this is like the best "expo" you are going to get this year, I promise you.

Beyond this webinar, if you still need me to hand hold you through the process, I don't think you would even need me because by the time we are done, you are going to be so excited to put it into practice yourself, but if you still need me, I will be offering 1-1 travel consultation where it's just me and you, or me and your spouse, or travel partner(s) and I'll walk through getting you the first of many trips of a lifetime. If you are in charge of booking the corporate team bonding travel this year for your colleagues or for the senior executives, I can also consult for you to find the best packages to suit your companies needs. Look over on my Travel Consultation page and pick whichever session suits you.

I am going to save you waaaaaaay more than £125 (naira equivalent at the time of writing this is 465). At the time of writing this, I have saved someone 1.2 million naira, so £125 or 58,000 naira is a steal really, for all you are going to be getting. You can imagine the person that just saved 1.2 million naira telling me OMG, Dunni, where were you when I needed this information last year. If you can afford to even conceive the idea of travel, you will know that the webinar fee is not that much money, for the knowledge and cost savings you are going to gain.

I as the brand Dooney's has always added value to your life, so i hope you will see this webinar as you adding value to my life as well, as another test case said to me; Dunni, 50K to save 80% of my travel bill given to me by an agent on tickets alone, biko, I will pay. Think of it like this, the 50K fee is not giving you knowledge for just one trip, once you have it, you have it, and you'll be getting even better at booking, that by the next trip and the next trip, and the next trip, before you know it, you are travelling to even more places because you are saving money with every trip. This knowledge is how i have been close to thirty destinations and counting. By my next trip, by His Grace, I'm going to hit double digits, and still counting.

This fee also ensures that you will treat my information sacred as you paid good money to get the information and won't be so quick to easily hand it out like candy, which would cheapen the value add service I am giving you. So, I'm afraid, this webinar isn't for everyone and that's fine. It would run regularly as well, not one off. If you can't afford it now, you can wait, I'm still here. I'll run multiple classes, so don't be discouraged.

This knowledge is for people who would really really love to travel, and have always thought it wasn't possible, because of how much it will cost. My webinar is going to decimate your travel first travel cost, you will come back to thank me. By this time next year, after using my tips multiple times, your passport will know you have lived.

I will be looking forward to speaking to as many of you and answering your questions at my webinar. Thank you for your time.